Juvederm® - Tupelo, MS Specialist – Dr. Alan Pritchard

Juvederm_iconJuvéderm® XC is an injectable, smooth consistency dermal filler gell made from hyaluronic acid, a naturally-occurring substance in your skin.

Anyone who wishes to diminish the appearance of facial wrinkles and fold, such as nasoabial folds ("parentheses" between the corners of the mouth and the nose), or any other wrinkles around the mouth or nose maybe a candidate for Juvéderm® XC treatment. Juvéderm® XC injections can also be used to enhance the lips, creating fuller lips or a more symmetrical lip appearance.

Juvéderm®XC Treatment Information

A tiny needle is used to inject a small amount of the Juvéderm® XC into the skin to "fill" the wrinkles and folds. Anesthesia is not usually needed, but a topical anesthesia may be used to numb the skin. The Juvéderm® XC injection procedure takes about 15 minutes and results are immediate. Juvéderm®XC injections can be combined with other plastic surgery procedures.

Recovery from Juvéderm® XC Injections

You can go back to work and full unrestricted activities immediately. You can shower and wash immediately, and no bandage or dressings are needed. Some temporary itching, swelling, or redness may occur within the first few days of treatment.

Results of Juvéderm®XC Injections

• Beautiful and natural elimination or softening of most affected wrinkles that lasts 6 months or more

• Supplemental "touch up" treatments may be desired to achieve and maintain optimal results

• Natural looking results

Tupelo, MS, surgeon, Dr. Alan Pritchard will discuss your options with you for dealing with your unwanted wrinkles and/or lip augmentation. Dr. Pritchard will help you understand the pros and cons of each wrinkle treatment enabling you to make your own decision for the desired outcomes that you want to achieve.

Additional procedures that may compliment the results of Juvederm include Brow Lift, Eyelid Lift, Facelift, Botox®, or Facial Fat Injections.

Please feel free to contact us at (662) 842-8949 or online to discuss Juvéderm® XC treatment and your wrinkle filler options.