Micro Laser Peel - Tupelo, MS Specialist – Dr. Alan Pritchard

For superficial skin resurfacing, there's no better option than the Micro Laser Peel by Sciton. This laser treatment is ideal for correcting mild to moderate irregularities in skin tone and texture with very little downtime. In fact, the Micro Laser Peel is often called the "Weekend Peel," as most patients are ready to return to work in as few as three days after the procedure.

Is the Micro Laser Peel Right for You?

Men and women of all ages can benefit from skin treatment with the Micro Laser Peel. This procedure can address a variety of skin issues, including sun damage, uneven pigmentation, rough skin, mild acne scars, mild wrinkles and keratoses (skin growths). The face and neck are the most common areas treated with the Micro Laser Peel, and it can also be used to smooth and rejuvenate skin on the chest and hands as well.

Micro Laser Peel Treatment

Prior to your Micro Laser Peel treatment, your face will be cleansed, and you will be fitted with eye protection. No other preparation is necessary for the procedure, however patients prone to cold sores may be advised to start anti-viral medication in advance of treatment.

The Micro Laser Peel gently removes a very thin portion of your outer layer of skin and typically does not require anesthesia. However, when the versatile Micro Laser Peel is used on higher settings to achieve more dramatic results, a topical numbing cream may be applied for your comfort. During the procedure, the Micro Laser Peel device uses a computer-guided scanner to direct a beam of laser light across the treatment area(s). The treatment takes about 30 minutes to an hour to perform depending on the number and size of your selected treatment area(s).

Micro Laser Peel Side Effects

Immediately following a Micro Laser Peel, some patients experience some mild redness and swelling, as well as a flaky or sunburned appearance to their skin. Within 3-4 days, this typically clears up to reveal a smoother, more youthful complexion.

Incorrectly performed Micro Laser Peels and other laser treatments can cause side effects and complications that can be long-lasting. To avoid these problems, it is important to seek laser treatment with a qualified laser specialist such as a board-certified plastic surgeon. Plastic surgeons are highly knowledgeable about the skin and its underlying structures and typically have significant training in laser safety and treatment protocols.